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Therapeutic patient education

What is therapeutic patient education and who is it for? 

What is therapeutic patient education?

Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) is a pedagogical accompaniment that aims to help patients acquire the skills they need to best manage their addictive behaviours and regain control of their health.
PTE helps to improve the effectiveness of personal care and to create a dynamic of collaboration between the patient and the therapists. The patient can thus improve his or her self-esteem and experience less guilt about the addiction. 

Principles and objectives of therapeutic patient education

Therapeutic education enables the patient to acquire useful skills to become an actor in his or her own health by getting involved in the management of his or her addiction. Following a therapeutic education program, the patient may be able to :

  • better understand their addiction and thus be able to accept it.

  • know the benefits and side effects of their treatments

  • know the preventive measures to be adopted to develop one’s environment

  • Recognize a worsening of their health condition and thus be able to respond appropriately.

  • identify the factors or circumstances that trigger peaks in addiction to better avoid them

  • solve the difficulties daily linked to his addiction  

A therapeutic education program generally consists of 3 main stages:

  • establishment of an educational diagnosis with the patient in order to get to know him/her better, identification of his/her needs, definition of the skills to be acquired or to be mobilised

  • proposal of a personalized therapeutic education program by the pedagogical team with, according to its needs, adapted collective and/or individual sessions.

  • At the end of the program, an individual evaluation will allow the student to take stock of his understanding and skills, to propose new sessions if necessary and to send a report to his attending physician.

Therapeutic education of the patient - indications and target audience ?

This type of support is particularly indicated for patients suffering from addictions. Therapeutic education can be recommended for all patients with chronic diseases regardless of age.
According to the WHO, Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) aims to “help patients acquire or maintain the skills they need to best manage their lives with a chronic disease”.
Programs can involve a family member if the patient wishes. They are considered to be particularly effective for patients with a recent diagnosis but can be useful at any other time in the treatment or course of the disease.