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Stress Management

What are the techniques and accompaniments relating to stress management? 

Stress management - methods and techniques ?

Stress management refers to the set of practices and techniques aimed at reducing and managing the stress experienced by a patient. Sleep, diet, and emotional management all influence how a patient manages the stress they may encounter in their daily lives (especially at work).

Stress Management - Principles and Objectives

The aim of stress management, and the therapeutic techniques associated with it, is to make the patient aware of stressors, the stress they cause and the harmful consequences that stress has on his or her daily life.
They also aim to provide the patient with stress management tools to improve his or her quality of life. 
Therapeutic accompaniment for stress management does not aim to make the stress disappear, but to enable the patient to manage it. They combine alternative medicine, meditative practices, relaxation and breathing exercises, as well as homoeopathic treatments and Zen and Buddhist practices.

Stress management - indication

Symptoms of stress can be experienced by all types of individuals. In Western societies, the professional environment is a recurrent source of stressful situations.
Therapeutic stress management techniques and support are aimed at all individuals whose daily health and well-being are negatively impacted by exposure to stressful situations.