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Sexual disorders

What are frequent sexual disorders and how to cure them ?

Définition et symptômes

Sexual disorders – definition and symptoms

There are two categories of sexual disorders: sexual dysfunctions and paraphilias. Sexual identity disorders are sometimes added to this.
It is considered that there is a disturbance when the disturbances described are a source of suffering for the patient. These disorders are not due to a medical condition or substance use.

Sexual disorders: the symptoms

Symptoms of different sexual dysfunctions can vary widely from one disorder to another. In men, they are generally characterized by difficulty or inability to obtain or maintain arousal and its physical expression, erection.
Symptoms in women can again differ widely from one disorder to another. They are usually characterized by difficulty or inability to reach orgasm or relax the vaginal muscles during the act.
Decreased desire, pain during intercourse or inability to reach orgasm can be experienced in both sexes.

The origin of sexual disorders

Generally, sexual disorders have psychological and physiological causes:
It is estimated that the causes of sexual disorders are of psychological origin when the individual has an erectile function, or normal lubrication when his thought is unconscious (during sleep).
Physiological causes are generally diseases: high blood pressure, physical trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis …

Sexual disorders - key figures and data

Sexual disorders are quite common in the adult population. It is estimated that 4 to 9% of men have erectile dysfunction, and 4 to 10% have problems with ejaculation.
In women, the prevalence of sexual disorders is high. According to sources, it is estimated that 25 to 63% of adults are affected.

What support and treatment for sexual disorders ?

Like the majority of disorders, an accurate diagnosis is necessary to lead to personalized care.
However, several options are possible:

  • sex therapies with a specialist


  • surgery to treat the physiological causes of the disorders


  • certain sexual disorders can be treated with medicinal solutions (example: viagra)