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Cognitive Remediation

What is cognitive remediation and who is it for?

Cognitive Remediation - Definition

Cognitive remediation, also known as cognitive rehabilitation, refers to learning processes that target areas of neuropsychological functioning involved in learning and the day-to-day functioning of our brains. 
The goal of this therapeutic approach is to improve the functioning of individuals whose cognitive functions such as attention, memory, language, visual-spatial abilities and executive functions have been impaired as a result of trauma or pathology.

Cognitive remediation - Principles and Objectives

A cognitive remediation program generally targets one or more cognitive processes such as flexibility, planning, or memory. 
Therapy is done in the form of exercises performed in groups or individually, in a format that is meant to be fun. Some therapists may use computer tools in cognitive remediation programs. This association of the practitioner and new technologies allows us to offer the patient a personalized accompaniment, which takes into account the specificities of his or her needs. 
In order for the effects of the cognitive remediation program to be transferred to daily life, a network work allowing the involvement of close people (caregivers or professionals) is essential.

Who is cognitive remediation for ?

Some psychiatric diseases and disorders lead to cognitive difficulties affecting memory, attention, concentration, organization or planning abilities of the subject. Cognitive remediation programs are particularly indicated for patients suffering from these types of diseases and disorders such as schizophrenia and ADHD.
These therapeutic accompaniments are also recommended for people who simply have a moderate intellectual deficit. 
Cognitive remediation is only used for all patients whose clinical condition is stable, in patients able to actively engage in management. In addition, patients must be able to concentrate (motivation/intensity of attention) for sessions of a few tens of minutes.