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Recruitment within the SINOUÉ Group – a strategic axis of our Human Resources policy to guarantee our development while supporting our best profiles towards success.

The women and men who make up the SINOUÉ Group are at the heart of its success.

It is essential to continue developing employees internally, but also to welcome new talents. It is a unique moment of meeting where listening, sharing, kindness are privileged.

External recruitment is a necessary contribution to the dynamism of the SINOUÉ Group, which aims to attract, recruit and develop the best profiles, whatever their level of experience.

New employees are greeted with enthusiasm, their ideas and initiatives are supported by our teams. The search for excellence, innovation, and the ability to project into the future by being agile are skills that will allow recruited talents to fully develop in their function.

The career opportunities offered can represent an undeniable attraction for candidates. Perceived as a family group based on the strong humanist values ​​of its founder and his teams, great importance is given to social progress while maintaining a major course: being focused on the support and well-being of our patients, and recovery for insertion.

The values ​​of the SINOUÉ Group shape the experience we offer to our teams and our patients. Developed since 1998, the SINOUÉ Group’s culture is unique and promotes your development and ours.

By working for the SINOUÉ Group, you will discover a management style that encourages simple and direct relationships between employees, promoting an open mind, oriented towards dialogue whatever the position of the people in the company. The SINOUÉ Group is a socially responsible company which takes care of its employees, the well-being of its patients and its ecosystem.

We are committed to not discriminate against the age, gender, opinions or any personal characteristics of individuals during the recruitment process.
Come join us, you will take charge of your professional future in a stimulating family environment, evolving in human scale facilities – want to try the adventure ? 
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