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Early psychiatry: a set of tools and support methods for young parents.

What is early psychiatry and who is it for ?

Early psychiatry is a set of psychotherapies aimed at supporting parents in the perinatal problems they may encounter.
In the perinatal period (from conception to the end of the child’s first year), mental disorders are still too underestimated. During pregnancy, certain pre existing psychiatric pathologies change and new disturbances are likely to appear in young parents. The absence of detection and therefore of management of these disorders deeply affects the parent-child relationship, and particularly mother-child, with consequences that last for a long time.
Psychiatric disorders and pathologies have multiple causes and a good number of studies believe that the mother-infant bound is one of the crucial issues in the development of future mental disorders in children (which then manifest during childhood and adolescence) .
Early psychiatry aims to support perinatal disorders, focusing on the parent / infant bond, in particular with the aim of preventing future psychiatric disorders or pathologies in the newborn.

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