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1st scientific day Bellevue Clinic
"Depression: Overcoming resistance".

Dedicated to the Depression, this first scientific day organised on 12 October 2019 at Atelier H (Novotel – Paris les Halles) by Clinique Bellevue under the chairmanship of Dr Marc MASSON, Dr Kader BENYACOUB, Moderator and in the presence of Dr Philippe CLÉRY-MELIN, President-Founder, brought together around fifty people, including 32 addressers and speakers who came to share and exchange their knowledge with the participants.

List of speakers :

Presentation of the Bellevue Clinic and its Therapeutic & Preventive Day Center – Bipolar Disorders

Dr. Thierry BROUWER, President of CME and Dr. Aroldo DARGÉL, Director of CTPJ-TB, Meudon

Interest of ketamine and S-ketamine

Dr Pierre de MARICOURT, CH Sainte Anne, Paris

Interest of transcranial magnetic stimulation

Dr. Marion PLAZE, CH Sainte-Anne

Interests of Drug Combinations

Dr Stéphane MOUCHABAC, CH Saint-Antoine, Paris

The value of ECTs

Dr. William de CARVALHO, Bellevue Clinic Meudon

Anorexia, depression and resistances

Dr Brigitte RÉMY, MGEN Paris

Thanks to Éliane KARIM, Director, Dr Thierry BROUWER, President of the CME of the Bellevue Clinic, Dr Kader BENYACOUB, psychiatrist and moderator of the day, Dr Marc MASSON, Coordinating Doctor presiding over the event and the entire team involved in the organisation, this event was a great success as demonstrated by the results of the satisfaction survey.


We look forward to seeing you in 2020, as part of our second Clinique Bellevue Scientific Day and hope to see you there!