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Clinical pharmacy - a global vision

Clinical pharmacy is a pharmaceutical discipline in its own right, but also a particular mode of pharmacy practice, which refocuses professional practice around the patient and not exclusively on the product.
Clinical pharmacy procedures contribute to the security, relevance and efficiency of the use of health products.

Pharmaceutical analysis to improve the effectiveness of treatments

Pharmaceutical analysis aims to improve the relevance and efficiency of prescribing drugs. This approach is widely documented thanks to full access to the DPI (computerized patient record). It calls upon the pharmacist’s pharmacological expertise for a concerted decision around the patient.
The pharmaceutical analysis can also respond to a patient request with the provision of information and advice necessary for the proper use of health products.
Medication reconciliation
Medication reconciliation is an essential step in the overall management of clinical pharmacy. It guarantees an exhaustive, robust and reliable information base which enables the accuracy and relevance of clinical pharmacy actions to be established with professionals and patients.
It is a strict process which takes into account, when re-prescribing, all the drugs taken and to be taken by the patient. It associates the patient and relies on information sharing and multi-professional coordination, within the establishment but also with the city and medico-social stakeholders.
Medication reconciliation prevents or corrects medication errors by promoting the transmission of complete and accurate information, concerning the patient’s medications, between healthcare professionals.

Pharmaceutical support for the patient

A close relationship is established between the pharmacist and the patients through pharmaceutical interviews, therapeutic education actions and advice on the proper use of health products. This link makes it possible to strengthen compliance but also patient autonomy when possible. These actions also aim to prepare for “after” hospitalization.

Gradual increase in charge of the clinical pharmacy

The clinical pharmacy is continuously developing and is increasingly integrated into the services and the care process.
The clinical pharmacy is at the service of patients and caregivers, and aims to reduce the risks linked to medication management.