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Partnerships serving the patient and public health

Groupe SINOUÉ is involved in the development of University Expert Centers in order to offer its patients the most recent advances in psychiatric research and to develop the skills of its teams.
An important place is also given to links with various partners in France. Groupe SINOUÉ, through its various facilities, has developed links and partnerships within the psychiatric sector in order to complete its care capabilities.
Professional partnerships are also set up in order to offer comprehensive care for patients and to allow a follow-up after hospitalization.

ARGOS 2001

ARGOS 2001 is an association helping patients suffering from mental disorders and their relatives. It defends a cause still poorly known to the public, the medical profession but also health and social authorities: “bipolar disorder”.

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Support is also provided to the Clubhouse France association, which works for the social and professional integration of people with mental disabilities and which has established the first-day care centre and daytime activities in France.

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National Federation of User Associations in PSYchiatry logo

The FNAPSY – National Federation of User Associations in PSYchiatry – currently brings together 59 associations across France, representing around 5,000 patients. These associations are all made up mostly of psychiatric patients and are led by patients. One of these member associations has a national dimension.

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Fondation FondaMental

To scale up research efforts and promote personalized care in psychiatry, the FondaMental Foundation has set itself four missions: to improve early diagnosis, care and prognosis; accelerate research in psychiatry; disseminate knowledge; fight against prejudice.

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