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Innovation and quality at the service of the patient

History and origin of the Groupe SINOUÉ

Groupe SINOUÉ was created on December 9, 1998, following the acquisition of the Château de Garches Clinic (92) and the Bellevue Clinic in Meudon. It is the embodiment of a modern vision of psychiatry based on innovation and quality.
For a little over 20 years, its strategic and financial independence has made it possible to develop care and support that respects the values ​​dear to its founder, Dr Philippe CLÉRY-MELIN.
The majority of the Groupe SINOUÉ’s shares are family-owned, and it is in this logical continuity that all the members of the founder’s family have, for some, joined the establishments and thus ensured its sustainability.

The areas of expertise of Groupe SINOUÉ

The innovation work, the grouping of professionals and expert doctors allow Groupe SINOUÉ to respond to the following issues:

  • general psychiatry;

  • early diagnosis intervention;

  • management of depression;

  • resistant depression, bipolar disorder and sleep disturbance; 

  • addictology and eating disorders;

  • emerging psychoses;

  • autism spectrum disorder and Asperger’s …

  • elderly psychiatry;

  • psychosocial rehabilitation

From young adults to older people, the expertise of Groupe SINOUÉ is aimed at all ages.

The Groupe SINOUE’s Quality and innovation ambition in mental health

The Group is now addressing patients from all sections of the population, from 15 years of age and up to three ages of life. With nine establishments – eight in France, including 4 in the Parisian region and one in the heart of London – Groupe SINOUÉ nevertheless maintains a human scale where health professionals and teams are accessible and able to develop their initiatives.
Because health is the most precious asset, Groupe SINOUÉs offers innovative, high-quality care and support in its establishments in the following areas:

  • psychiatry;

  • Mental Health ;

  • follow-up and rehabilitation care;

  • psychosocial rehabilitation.

All the support offered within our establishments meets the current challenges of health and more particularly of psychiatry. High quality is a priority in all our care.
Groupe SINOUÉ takes care to adapt, to advances in science to meet patient expectations. We intend to provide more innovative responses to psychiatric problems from adolescence to old age ever. It welcomes patients from all walks of life, involuntary care, whatever their pathologies are.

Responsible doctors who work for the benefit of the patient

Groupe SINOUÉ was founded by doctors who wanted to respond to public health challenges. Conscious of the costs necessary for innovation as much as for quality, economic responsibility is a subject of constant attention.
The Group respects the choice of practitioners in their methods of practice: liberal or salaried. All doctors are committed to quality practice.
Medical excellence is essential and in fact, many of our practitioners are references in their sector and keep a research activity. More than half of our establishments train interns.

Le groupe Sinoué en quelques chiffres

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is a famous nurse in Anglo-Saxon culture. She revolutionized medical care. She was a remarkable example of innovation, compassion, dedication to patient care and conscientious, representing a caring hospital administration.

In 2016 Groupe SINOUÉ  decided to give its name to a range of exceptional establishments. This is as much to honour the memory one of the great Women in Medicine, as to be inspired by it.
The goal of Groupe SINOUÉ is to make the Clinique du Château Nightingale Hospitals Paris and Nightingale Hospitals London international referred mental health-care facilities offering new care and treatments that meet the expectations of patients of all categories as closely as possible.


The history of this beautiful place in Garches in the Hauts-de-Seine with a landscaped park of five hectares, beautifully planted, begins in the mid-nineteenth century with the family of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who built, not far from the Château de Saint-Cloud, this residence intended for vacationing and hunting with hounds.
Its history continues in the 1930s, with Her Highness the Princess of Greece Marie Bonaparte. As a pioneer in psychoanalysis, she became a pupil of Freud and encouraged the reconversion of this little castle into a psychiatric clinic. The environment makes it a unique place conducive to care, under the leadership of doctors Jean-Jacques Rondepierre and Olivier Garand. The latter ran the establishment for more than forty years, taking its reputation across borders.
Anxious to continue this tradition and offer its patients the best quality of care in an exceptional setting, the new management, led by a dynamic team, has since 1998 taken steps to continuously improve the quality of services, to best meet the expectations of its patients.
At the end of the 1990s, doctor Philippe CLÉRY-MELIN, treasurer-archivist of the Medico-Psychological Society (SMP) for almost twenty years, took over the management of this establishment and surrounded himself with a new medical team. He soon entrusted the management to doctor Henry CUCHE, a figure of liberal Parisian psychiatry. On March 1, 2010, Dr Marc MASSON joined the medical team and this institution.
This quality environment contributes to the recovery and is complemented by a medical team made up of specialists from the best university hospital services.