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Our Group ethical project

The ethical commitments of Groupe SINOUÉ

The ethical commitments of Groupe SINOUÉ

Our group is willing to respond to the current challenges of the health system and the challenges of modernizing psychiatry by:

  • high-quality medical care, taking into account advances in science and changing patient needs;

  • efficient healthcare organizations and offers, based on the sharing of medical and administrative cultures;

  • innovative responses to psychiatric problems: implementing a pragmatic approach and mobilizing the best care and management organization solutions for the best benefit of the patient;

A strategy based on the patient’s need: adapted, innovative, responsible and united responses;
An outpatient principle and an ethical turning point: Groupe SINOUÉ promotes and wishes, for each patient, early treatment, outpatient monitoring as soon as possible, and hospitalization as a last resort, when strictly necessary.

Fundamental ethical principles of Groupe SINOUÉ

Ethics helps us to question ourselves; it is an exercise in discernment. Ethical support consists in affirming the permanence of the human being  dignity as a core value in all circumstances.
Four fundamental principles today guide the ethics of Groupe SINOUÉ :

  • the principles of humanity and dignity which defend the permanence of the individual;

  • the principle of solidarity, collective responsibility and assistance to vulnerable people;

  • the principles of equity and justice in access to care despite the unproductive nature which characterizes certain disorders or certain diseases;

  • the principle of autonomy: support is an adjustment, a path, a prudent replacement for the bankruptcy of autonomy.

The application of these principles always brings us back to the dignity of the person, its freedom and respect.
This ethical approach is an integral part of our care project. It is a bearer of ethical values ​​by being “the guarantor of the person’s identity, since it takes into account life history, family context, lifestyle, wishes, and social environment”.
Ethical reflection is a full-fledged managerial project. The commitment of the hierarchy and the mobilization of multidisciplinary actors by this same hierarchy are essential.

Values of Groupe SINOUÉ

The common basis of operation of the actors and facilities of Groupe SINOUÉ revolves around the following values:


As a priority, we place each patient at the center of our actions and we are committed to ensuring their well-being, taking into account the fulfillment of their needs. We respect each other. This implies deontology, ethics, acceptance of the difference and confidentiality.


Our active engagement and our motivation reinforce the accomplishment of our mission, each in his function. Each doctor, nursing staff or collaborator represents Groupe SINOUÉ in all circumstances.


Claiming professionalism, we seek constant collaboration between our stakeholders, promoting loyalty and mutual aid.


Nous nous engageons à reconnaître les compétences de chacun dans sa fonction et à encourager le bon fonctionnement de l’institution en favorisant la complémentarité.

Personal development

We are committed to recognize the skills of each person in their role and to encouraging the proper functioning of the institution by promoting complementarity.

Going through specific training for our functions, within the framework and limits of the institutional project, is a primary objective.
To these values ​​is added the notion of Positive Approach, born from the desire to work differently with patients, to better understand their needs and thus, to favor interventions likely to genuinely improve their quality of life. This approach requires reflection both on our own position as individuals, as member of a community and as an organization that provides services.

Gender equality at the heart of our principles

The indicators of professional gender equality, as defined by decree n° 2019-15 of January 8, 2019, illustrate this commitment.

Our strategic directions

Also discover our strategic directions and our model: a pragmatic approach, a permanent adaptation.