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Groupe SINOUÉ : quality of care and medical excellence

Since its creation, Groupe SINOUÉ has ensured quality of care and medical excellence in its founding values.
This requirement takes the form of a Quality and Risk Management (QRM) policy which sets out several commitments for our establishments, namely:

  • keeping quality and safety as leading value;

  • continue the dynamic of engaging with patient as a leading actor in its care.

The perpetual search for excellence and quality is based on key success factors:

  • the implementation of benchmarks and good practice guides in all our establishments

  • a logic of results, in terms of achieving objectives on the quality and safety of care (and not “patient well-being and recovery”);

  • participative management with the teams;

  • the perpetual search for optimization and improvement via feedback on experience.

Certification by the High Health Authority of 100% of our establishments

This certification is an independent assessment process for health care facilities. It is carried out by the High Authority for Health . Are assessed :

  • the dynamics of quality and safety of care improvements;

  • the level of maturity in patient care.

All SINOUÉ Group establishments in France are certified as “A” and B by HAS.

How we ensure the quality and safety of care

The group has created, within the head office, a department dedicated to steering Quality and Safety procedures. It is composed of :

  • Hygienic pharmacists, Coordinator of risk management associated with care, and DPO referents 

  • A Quality and Risk Management Manager

Each establishment, whatever its size, also has in its teams :

  • a manager dedicated to quality and risk management

  • a local referent dedicated to the management of risks associated with care

Our quality and risk management policy aims not to standardize practices and organizations, but to cultivate local specificities, to develop and innovate in medical excellence and finally to sustainably register our establishments in their health care territory.